PhD Research at MIT

I am completing my PhD research jointly in the Biomechatronics Group of the MIT Media Lab and the Computational Instrumentation and Device Realization Lab of MIT’s Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, under the guidance of Professor Hugh Herr and Dr. Brian W. Anthony, respectively.


The prosthetic socket is often considered the most critical component of a lower extremity prosthesis as it determines whether an amputee shall experience a degree of comfort, health, and physical utility during their daily life. Despite this, restrictions of the traditional fabrication process and more advanced CAD/CAM methods can limit accessibility. In my research, I am developing methods that use medical ultrasonography as a means to collect patient-specific information that can inform improved prosthetic socket design. This research holds promise to fundamentally change how prosthetic sockets are conventionally made, and once deployed, would address the concerns that arise from current fabrication processes. Beyond prosthetic technologies, this work aims to further advance utilization of medical imaging to facilitate design of the mechanical interface between wearable devices and the human body, and clinical applications of ultrasound imaging techniques to human limbs.



*This page will be updated periodically to showcase research updates. Some research is not shown since it is currently under review for publication, and cannot be publicly disclosed at this time. Please refer to my publications page for current research progress.